Fractal Burning Add On
Fractal Burning Add On
Fractal Burning Add On

Fractal Burning Add On

Regular price$ 150.00 CAD

This is an add on product only, must be purchased with a CUSTOM paddle. 

This is one of those paddles that is equally beautiful hanging on a wall and in the water. 

This is called fractal burning also know as Lichtenberg figures. They are created using a salt water solution soaked into the wood and high voltage electricity run through the solution to burn natural "lightning bolts" into the wood. The burn can be as deep at 1/4" so what we do to smooth the paddle back out is fill it with a marine grade epoxy. 

The epoxy options for now are:

  • Black
  • Metallic Blue

We hope to offer Gold and other colors in the future. 

Your paddle will be Fractal burned on both sides of the blade in a random fashion. 

All stocked paddles take up to 2 weeks to process and 4-6 days in shipping.

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