Quill - Custom
Quill - Custom
Quill - Custom
Quill - Custom

Quill - Custom

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The Quill is the quintessential solo paddle!

The Quill is designed for precision canoeists looking for a blade that feels truly responsive and alive in their hands. The Quill has an extra-long narrow blade designed to always be in the water. The Quill is for those paddlers who want to be in constant contact with the water feeling the ebb and flow of the forces on the blade so minute changes can be made for precision paddling. The Quill maintains its efficiency with a narrower width by extending the blade to reach deeper and provide greater leverage. 

The Quill is the ultimate solo paddle for master canoeists who love to kneel in the tumblehome of the canoe.

Quills really are a custom item. Please specify the blade and shaft length for your Quill using the options provided. This paddle isn't sized based on your height, it is custom based on how much the paddler typically chokes up on their traditional paddle and what they think will suit their paddling needs. The most popular shaft length is 27".

*Do not add the shaft length and blade length to “create your perfect height” this paddle isn’t designed to fit you as a standard paddle would. If you aren’t sure about what sizes call Greg at 714-482-7493

All custom paddles take up to 3 weeks to craft and 4-6 days in shipping.

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Customer Reviews

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William Eastaugh
A Dream Come True

Unfortunately my initial review was too long, so I am forced to try and explain my joy in far fewer words.

After well over a decade of camping and canoeing, and several years adoring my Ray special, I began to wish for a paddle that would help me connect with the water when soloing.

I knew of the quill, but was unfamiliar with their sizing, however Greg was incredibly helpful in guiding me through the sizing and left me feeling reassured that I had made the right choice.

I was already familiar with the exceptional quality of Fishell paddles from my special, however I could have never expected how incredible the paddle that I recieved would be.

The walnut quill that I recieved is most certainly a work of art, and I can not wait to use it. I anxiously await the arrival of the spring so that I can begin the next step of my canoeing journey.

Having this paddle is truly a dream come true!

Thank you

I posted a long review, a short essay, actually, I fear, praising my new paddle, and it didn’t post.

I will rewrite that as a letter to you, Greg.

Readers, the perfection of my new paddle! It is beautiful, perfectly balanced, light, strong, and impeccable.

Paddling on an October morning when the water is black, and the trees singing with colours… it was like being part of a poem.

The control my Quill gives me made it feel like “thought powered canoeing.”

The long, graceful blade made every skill I have developed over forty years of canoeing real on the water in a new way— it is the right tool, and paddling using my Quill felt so meditative and harmonious, it was like the canoeing version of a Japanese tea ceremony.

If you love to solo, a Quill will add so much pleasure to your experience, you have no idea.

Highly recommended.