Fishell Paddles is a family owned and operated business, whose mission is to create the finest custom quality paddles. With over 20 years paddling experience we recognize a paddle is more than an instrument; it is an extension of the canoeist. For this reason our paddles are all made from a single plank of quality hardwood which has been hand crafted to our customer’s own preferences.

We recognize how important a quality paddle is to the canoeing experience. Having the ability to feel the ebb and flow of the water as your paddle moves with every stroke is the heart of a Fishell paddle. We want to provide quality paddles that will provide continuous feedback while being alive and responsive in your hands. Whether you’re a hard-core tripper, expert soloist, lake paddler or someone who is just looking for a satisfying evening paddle, Fishell Paddle's provides a variety of styles to meet your specific canoeing needs.

When taking your first stroke with a Fishell Paddle, you will realize immediately that this is a superior product; feel of the smooth blade responding as it connects with the water, appreciate the lack of vibration and drag as you draw the paddle through the water. Our paddles are designed to be an extension of you and your paddling experience.