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ash makes a very tough, durable paddle.  Ash is probably the most flexible as well as durable woods for paddle making and is ideal for trip paddles.  We tend to buy Quarter cut planks so the grain runs tip to butt in a parallel pattern resulting in a more durable paddle.  Due to Emerald Beatles, Ash is starting to become more and more scarce and may become hard to come by in a few years.

maple is strong, flexible and results in a clean vibrant paddle.  The wood is ideal for paddle making and the trials and tribulations paddles go through in their lives.  With the lighter colour wood the wood grain tends to be less prominent.

cherry is the most popular choice of wood for a canoe paddle.  What makes Cherry so popular is its ability to be both strong and light and aesthetically pleasing.  Cherry paddles tend to have interesting grain pattern and at times fine lines of black sap running through it.  Cherry boards cut near the bark also offer up multi tone patterns.  Over time cherry will darken with sunlight to a deep rich colour.

african mahogany is a new wood we will offer as of 2017.  It has a deep rich colour and grain resulting in a beautiful paddle.  Mahogany is typically lighter than maple or cherry and will result in a slightly thicker shaft for extra strength.  Occasionally some boards can be as heavy and durable as ash resulting in a lighter rouge colour.  Overall a very good durable wood and excellent for paddle making.